Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM – 9PM (Central Time), Saturday: 8AM – 3PM (Central Time)
Online Chat Hours: Monday-Friday: 8AM – 5PM (Central Time)
You must take the Pre-Filing Credit Counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.
The Debtor Education course is taken at the end of the bankruptcy process.
Click here to view the basics steps of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that shows when you need to take each course.
No. At this time, you will need to complete a separate enrollment for the 2nd course, along with a different username.
Yes. We are approved to provide both the Credit Counseling and Financial Management/Debtor Education course in all 50 states.
The Credit Counseling takes about an hour to complete. You will need to have all of your financial information (income, debts, monthly expenses, etc.) in order to complete the course. Please have it all together, or get your lawyer to give you a copy of everything you submitted to them. This will make the process much easier and quicker.
In most cases, certificates are processed and sent within 20 minutes if the course is completed during our normal business hours.

If you finish the course after our business hours, your certificate will be processed first thing on the next business day.

The Debtor Education course takes about 2 hours to complete online or by DVD. It is a video course that you will watch. This course is not offered over the phone due to the length of the material.
During enrollment for the courses, there is a section to list your attorney’s contact information. If that information is filled out, we will automatically send your attorney a copy of your certificate.
No. By law, we cannot give you any legal advice. We can only counsel you with the different options you have available to take control of your debt, one of which is filing bankruptcy.

For any legal advice, you would need to direct your questions to your attorney’s office.